Prevention and Hygiene

Your Personal Plan to maintain your teeth for a lifetime

Your Dentist and Hygienist/Oral Health Therapist will guide you and your family with a personalised dental hygiene plan that suits your lifestyle.

Visiting for routine treatment is an essential part of maintaining your natural teeth for life. However what you do between visits is also critical to preserving optimal oral health.

You will be advised how to:

  1. Fight plaque the major cause of tooth decay and gum disease
  2. Choose the right tools for an efficient clean at home
    • Choose the right toothbrush and the right brushing technique
    • The right flossing techniques and products
    • Products to help with your daily oral care
  3. How your diet and habits are influencing your teeth health

The primary consideration of having good teeth is prevention.

The teeth are exposed to acids, corrosion and heavy loads and requires constant vigilance and a well strategy to keep your teeth for life without disease and discomfort.

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