Our Team

At Lake View Dental in Kawana our highly experienced and passionate team are ready to help with any of your dental concerns or queries.

Sarah Kostiainen

Sarah Kostiainen

Front Office Manager

Always the adventurous type, I left my home in New Zealand at the age of 19 to come and explore the land of OZ. I loved it so much that I stayed to continue my education, and in 2002 I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Communication.
I have worked in various roles throughout the years using my skills in leadership, working with people, graphic design, video and photography.
I also have a passion for all things health & wellness and in 2014-2015 completed my certification in Pilates instruction with Polestar Pilates.
My husband and I moved to the Sunshine Coast in 2016 from Brisbane and we just love it!
My interests include anything in the outdoors whether it’s camping, skiing the world with friends or taking our 2 Border Collies to the beach. 
Dr Ian Odendaal

Dr Ian Odendaal


Ian graduated from the University of Pretoria in South Africa attaining his Bachelor in Dental Surgery in 1996.

Dr Ian Odendaal has worked in South Africa and the United Kingdom before moving to this beautiful country.

Ian and his wife Sunet have 4 children (2 girls and 2 boys), and then intermingle with these 2 dogs and 2 birds and you have a busy household. They like spending family time together walking on the beach or kayaking. Ian also enjoys a glass of good red wine and at times like to experiment making his own beer.

Ian worked for a Charity servicing regional Queensland and found this very rewarding giving back to the community.

Ian has a strong interest in quality dentistry and have extensive experience and knowledge in all areas of General Dentistry.

He attained a Masters Degree at the University of Warwick in the UK and is committed to further professional development. Ian has special interests in surgical dentistry as well as orthopaedic jaw development.

Here at Lake View Dental, we believe in eat well, live well, breath well. Ian also believe that healthy proper breathing through the nose has an impact on our general health and wellbeing.

Isuné Odendaal

Isuné Odendaal

Administration/Dental Assistant

As a young child, I aspired to become a physio and had my heart set on rehabilitation. I have a passion for people’s health and well-being and I strongly believe in the term ‘exercise is medicine’; I’m currently working towards finishing my degree to become an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) where I will work with a variety of people using exercise as a form of treatment.

I enjoy outdoor activities and staying active. I occasionally enjoy reading a good book while cuddling with my fur babies.

Mikayla Ash

Mikayla Ash

Clinical Coordinator

My passion for dental started as a young child as well as my fascination with the way our bodies function.

I decided to start my career in this industry at Lake View Dental in January 2016, where I have completed my traineeship as a dental assistant. Through this experience I have been equipped with more knowledge than I could have possibly imagined and worked with the most incredible, kind and caring team.

I chose to work at lake view dental because of their passion for not only dental health, but a patients’ overall health and well-being. Taking a slightly different approach, as well as general dental they work on treating and improving sleep related conditions, breathing issues, TMJ dysfunction and many other related issues as well as incorporating orthodontics and myofunctional therapy.

All of these issues are issues that I am very interested in and experience quite a few of myself. Through the help of Dr Ian and employing a lot of what I have learnt in my life, my general health, sleep, TMJ and breathing has improved immensely. Seeing the improvements in my own health makes me a lot more driven to help achieve the same result for all of our patients.

I have learnt and become very passionate about myofunctional therapy in particular and I am now working as a myobrace trainer, retraining children’s facial habits to allow for better jaw development and growth. I also assist the clinicians with general dental procedures and orthodontics. The lovely team and wonderful patients make coming to work each day an incredibly exciting and positive experience as well as being extremely rewarding.

Sarah Hall

Sarah Hall


I graduated from the University of Newcastle in 2010 with a bachelor degree in oral health and have experience in both general dental practice and orthodontics.

I have been involved in the dental industry for over 14 years firstly as an assistant and then hygienist. My little family and I recently moved up from the Central Coast in NSW and are living at Mountain Creek.

My husband and I are full time carers to our young niece and nephew; we also have a French bulldog named Lennie who keeps us busy! Music and singing are a passion of mine; I also love good coffee, barbeques with family, swimming at the beach and being outside in the sunshine.

I’m delighted to be in QLD and am looking forward to getting to know the locals of my new home. I’ll help you make improvements to your oral and overall health no matter how small, consider me a personal trainer for your gums!

Yvette Stephenson

Yvette Stephenson

Clinical Coordinator

I have been dental nursing since 1989 from a busy practice in Sydney’s West chairside and practice management. I have been working on the Sunshine Coast since 2009 as a senior Clinical Coordinator to Head Nurse.

I pride myself on excellent communication skills with a nurturing and calm side and am very passionate at what I do.

I actively take part in continuing my education in all aspects of dentistry including jaw growth development.

My husband and I have 2 adult sons. I enjoy cooking, fishing, animals, gardening and having a good laugh.