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Check Up & Clean Kawana, Sunshine Coast

Why do you need to visit the dentist for a check-up and clean?

As the old saying goes, prevention is better than a cure. Visiting the dentist every 6 months can actively support your oral health and promote good habits for life. This is especially important for children and teenagers whose mouths are still developing.

By coming in regularly to see Dr Ian, he can examine your child’s mouth and make sure everything is developing smoothly. Dr Ian is passionate about Forward Dental Orthopaedics and will work with you and your child to find a holistic and natural approach to support their oral and jaw development.

What to expect during a check-up and clean

Your visit to the dentist will start off with a review of your medical and dental health history. During this time, you should bring up any questions or concerns that you may have about your teeth and gums.

Dr Ian will give you a comprehensive examination which is inclusive of:

– Diagnostic photographs
– Small, low radiation X-rays on each side of your dentition
– Charting of gum health
– Oral pathology check for signs of cancer
– Assessment of jaws in relation to breathing, function and potential TMJ issues
– Charting of dental work (previous and to be done)
– Professional clean with Hygienist and a topical remineralisation paste applied
– Discussion of all findings and presentation of treatment plan

What is plaque and tartar?

Plaque is a sticky, colourless film of bacteria that constantly forms on our teeth along the gum line. The reason why it needs to be removed is that this bacteria can cause cavities and gum disease. Colgate has some great tips that can be used every day that will prevent this plaque build-up from causing damage to your teeth and gums.

If the plaque is not removed often enough, it can harden and turn into tartar. This is calcified plaque that attaches to the enamel of your tooth and can only be removed by a dental professional.

How frequently should you have a check-up and clean?

To maintain a healthy mouth, seeing your dentist frequently is really important. We recommend coming every 6 months (or more depending on the health of your gums).
During these sessions, Dr Ian seeks to provide you with a holistic view on your oral health and give you the tools to be able to properly care for your teeth, gums and jaw.

Nothing quite compares to having clean, healthy teeth and gums and keeping your oral health in perfect order can have a positive affect on the rest of your health as well. So, don’t forget to make an appointment every six months! We also offer a range of payment methods at Lake View Dental. To view your options, click here.

We accept a range of payment options.

Our team at Lake View Dental understands that our patients lead different lifestyles with unique requirements. To ensure all of our patients have access to all the dental care they need, we offer a number of different payment options.

We accept cash, EFTPOS, cheque, MasterCard, Visa, Amex, Hicaps and extended payment options provided by Zip Money and MiFund.


Medicare will not cover the cost of a check-up and clean for adults. However, they currently provide funding for children’s dentistry under the age of 18 years old.
Medicare provides comprehensive dental coverage for children across Australia thanks to the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) To find out more, please visit Medicare’s website

Dental Insurance

Basic dental insurance can include two exams, two cleanings and a set of x-rays every financial or calendar year. The added benefit of paying for dental insurance is that because you are paying for it, it makes you feel obligated to go to the dentist. To learn more about our preferred health fund providers, click here.

Now Offering AfterPay

We understand that dental work can be expensive which is why we have introduced AfterPay to our practice. AfterPay allows you to pay for your purchase over four equal interest-free instalments. These instalments are due every two weeks. This makes it simple to pay when it suits you best. To find out more about AfterPay, click here.

Additionally, ask our friendly staff about our direct debit payment plan contracts.

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Yes, you do, there is no getting around the need to properly clean your teeth daily with dental floss. It clears food and plaque from between teeth and beneath the gumline. If you don’t, the plaque will harden into tartar, which forms wedges and widens the space between teeth and gums, causing pockets. Over time, gums pull away and teeth loosen. Either waxed or unwaxed floss is suitable to do the job. Using floss picks or interdental brushes is another easy option.

Using a mouthwash daily for many people is a normal part of their oral care routine, but we believe that some mouthwashes could be doing more harm than good, because of the following reasons:

• Can contain high amounts of alcohol that has been linked to mouth cancer

• Can contain harmful chemicals such as SLS

• Could affect your taste buds

• Could stain teeth

• Can destroy “good” bacteria in the mouth allowing the bad bacteria to grow

We understand that using mouthwash can leave your breath feeling and smelling good, however, you should always be mindful of the ingredients in the mouthwash that you use. Our knowledge is always expanding on the research being done on chemicals being used and the effects that they have, what we know now may be different from what we know in the future. That’s why we recommend playing it safe and using natural, healthy alternatives, such as pure essential oil mouthwashes.