Gut Microbiome

Gut Microbiome Kawana, Sunshine Coast

Did you know the digestive system is closely connected to dental health? Your oral and gut microbiome are in constant communication.

We have trillions of bacteria living in and on us. The gut has specific bacteria called microbiome. The mouth is the window to the gut and often, the problems that occur in the mouth may be directly related to our digestive health. Your mouth and gut microbes always interact with one another, so digestive health problems can affect your oral health. Gut microbiome is in control of many of the organs and processes in your body such as; digestion, immune system, metabolism, and hormones. It even affects neurotransmitters that control mood and brain activity.

How to improve your Gut Biome;

  • Avoid sugary and highly processed foods
  • Include fermented foods
  • Take probiotics
  • Up your dietary fibre intake
  • Get into a relaxed state and de-stress.
  • Try to avoid unnecessary antibiotic treatments.
  • At home stay away from anything advertised as killing 99.9% of bacteria.

Gut Microbiome

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