Dental Fillings Sunshine Coast

Lake View Dental in Kawana offer natural, tooth-coloured fillings to preserve the health and function of your teeth.

While we may do our very best to practice good oral health habits, sometimes dental problems can still develop. It is important to address these concerns as soon as they arise to prevent extensive and costly restorative dental work. By diagnosing the problem early, a minor dental filling may be a solution.

Unfortunately, statistics show oral care isn’t always top priority for Australians.  In fact, a staggering 3 in 10 adults aged 25–44 have untreated tooth decay.1

What is a filling?

Dental fillings are a common general dental treatment designed to repair worn, decayed or damaged teeth.

Tooth coloured fillings

A tooth-coloured filling, also referred to as a composite filling, is designed to blend with the existing tooth structure to restore a decayed or damaged teeth. This type of filling is generally made from powdered glass and acrylic resin.

A tooth coloured filling is commonly used to replace old amalgam (silver and mercury) fillings.

Dental filling treatment

Following preparation of the tooth, a dental filling will involve the removal of any decay in the affected tooth by a dental professional. The resulting hole in the tooth is then cleaned and dried, and filled with a specially crafted material.

What are silver fillings?

Previous to modern dentistry we see today, decayed or damaged teeth were treated with silver fillings, also known as amalgam fillings, containing mercury. A staggering 43% to 54% of silver fillings contain mercury.

Amalgam tooth fillings side effects

As one of the most toxic heavy metals, exposure to mercury can cause far-reaching problems for the neurological system and kidneys.

Over the years, studies revealed that the output of mercury vapour was increased by the number of silver fillings present. Daily chewing, teeth-grinding or simply consuming hot liquids are considered major contributing factors.

Safe removal of amalgam fillings

At Lake View Dental, we take the removal of amalgam fillings very serious. As such, we have protocols to minimise possible mercury release. We use the following systems to ensure the absolute safety of our patients and staff:

  • High-speed air evacuation (filtration system)
  • Sealing of the tooth with special material during removal


Dental Fillings Sunshine Coast

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