Our Dental Philosophy Kawana, Sunshine Coast

At Lake View Dental we provide comprehensive dental care uniquely combining a holistic philosophy.

Envisioning comfort and long-lasting work, we select and use the best materials and combine with follow up and prevention.

Dentists are the gatekeepers to the airways and with the focus in mind that we aim to prevent tooth loss, as the tooth maintain bone structure supporting the face therefore every tooth that is missed will affect posture, chewing and breathing. The more teeth that are missing, the more instability to the jaw joints and more soft tissue looseness occurs, potentially causing snoring and breathing problems while sleeping.

The jaw size and position will interfere with body posture, tongue posture and swallowing, and airway size. If any problems of jaw development are detected, immediate correction is advised. For this reason, we obtain the opinion and guidance of a dentist for ideal jaw development for your children, ensuring healthy chewing and breathing.

Over the past 200 years due the process of industrialisation, our diet has changed and we don’t chew semi-hard to hard food anymore, causing atrophy or underdevelopment of the jaws. This would explain the degree of crowding and misalignment we see in the dentition these days. Unfortunately, the solution for having straight teeth does not lie on having teeth removed to “create” space, but recovering bone/jaw size to make all teeth to fit, including space for the tongue and soft tissues. These measures will ensure adequate airway space and correct breathing, which is the first step to avoid sleep apnoea.

What does this mean at Lake View Dental?

We firmly believe in the saying, ‘Eat Well, Breath Well, Live Well’ and to accomplish this we do look at dental issues but also so much more. We think that medicine by merit of its vastness has become very compartmented and the narrower the focus the narrower the outcome. We want to look at our patients as a whole and also would like to incorporate your social and mental information as well as other disciplines to gain a complete outcome.

Holistic Dentistry Philosophy Sunshine Coast

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