Safe removal of amalgam silver and mercury fillings

Do you know that Silver Fillings are actually Mercury Fillings?

This means that people are directly exposed to the mercury in their mouths.  The output of mercury vapour can be increased by the number of fillings present and other activities associated with the human mouth, such as chewing, teeth-grinding, and the consumption of hot liquids.

Safe removal of amalgam (silver and mercury) fillings

Dental Amalgams, known to many of us by the deceptive term “silver fillings”, are 43% to 54% mercury. The mercury from amalgam causes far-reaching problems:

  1. Exposure to mercury, the most toxic and more vaporous of the heavy metals, can permanently damage the child’s developing neurological system, harm the adult’s kidneys.
  2. To place an amalgam filling, the tooth has to be prepared in such a way that a lot of sound tooth structure has to be removed to “retain” the filling– a primitive process that irreversibly weakens tooth structure.  With a damaged tooth structure and with a metal-based filling that expands and contracts with temperature changes, teeth with amalgam are much more likely to crack and break over time.
  3. Amalgam is a workplace hazard, especially for young female dental workers




What are the possible negative effects on health from dental amalgams?

Dental workers are more exposed than the general population

The way mercury affects the body is highly dependant on how it enters the body and on its chemical form. People can be exposed to mercury released from amalgams by breathing in mercury vapour or by swallowing either elemental mercury leaching from the fillings or small pieces of amalgam that detach from the filling and that can go on to release mercury inside the gut.

We use a high speed air evacuation machine and seal the tooth off with plastic when we remove amalgam fillings

Safe removal of amalgam (silver and mercury) fillings