Caring for your child’s teeth

Caring for your child's teeth Kawana, Sunshine Coast

Caring for your child’s teeth

Caring for your child’s teeth from day one is key to continued healthy growth.

Are you looking to give your child the best start to a healthy, happy smile? The team at Lake View Dental in Kawana, Sunshine Coast offer tooth fairy appointments to make your child’s first visit to the dentist fun and educational. Our team will work closely with you so you’re child is armed with the knowledge and care to maintain healthy teeth and gums throughout their life.

Learn more about our tooth fairy dentist.

My child’s first dental visit?

Many parents often overlook the importance of their child’s teeth as they are considered temporary. However, the state of your child’s teeth lay the foundation for their oral health in the future. Your child’s first set of teeth are necessary to maintain the form, function and appearance of their smile. On top of this, childhood teeth set the foundation for eating and speaking habits while serving as  spaces to develop permanent teeth.

At Lake View Dental, we recommend your child to visit the dentist a as soon as they start developing teeth. Typically, visits for children should begin at 18 to 24 months of age. We encourage our youngest patients’ parents to become involved in the excitement of their child’s tooth fairy appointment. How involved? We have even had some parents dress up to be part of the fun. Although we don’t expect all parents to get this excited, helping your child kick-start and understand the importance of dental health is a big part of this new journey.

Our team look forward to eliminating any fears surrounding dentist visits while also adding a little fun to the experience. Our tooth fairy is a trained dentist with a wealth of experience in caring for children and helping them relax and enjoy their appointment.

Children’s tooth decay

The most common dental issue we see in young children is tooth decay which can impact the future of the child’s smile and jaw development. As the enamel is much softer than permanent teeth, childhood teeth decay easier. The following lifestyle habits can contribute to tooth decay in children:

  • Prolonged exposure to milk (bottle or nursed)
  • Eating sugary, starchy and acidic foods (juices, cordials)
  • Poor cleaning after feeding child

Children’s Dentistry Sunshine Coast

Our team of dentists and oral health therapists will work closely with you to ensure your child’s oral health is on track. Should dental problems arise, such as tooth decay, visiting the dentist every 6 months will allows for early detection and prevention.

For more information about how to prepare for your child’s first dental visit or to organise a tooth fairy appointment, please us today.

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