Extraction-free orthodontics

Extraction-free orthodontics

Why non-extraction orthodontics are great for healthier teeth.

Extraction free braces

In the past the most traditional treatment for a jaw that was too small was the removal of teeth in order to fit them into the arch. This was based on the premise that fewer teeth would need less space. However, at Lake View Dental we believe this is a flawed logic because if the teeth are unable to fit in the mouth, then the tongue will have trouble fitting too. If the jaw is not big enough to fit the teeth, then it is the jaw that needs to change and not teeth that need to be removed.

What is extraction versus non-extraction orthodontics?

When it comes to having too many teeth, there are two ways to fix the problem:

  • Removal of the tooth to create space (extraction)
  • Expansion of the jaw to allow more space for the teeth (non-extraction)

Crowded teeth are usually caused by a deficient jaw size or even external elements that have caused the teeth to grow strangely. Most orthodontists opt to remove teeth so that the teeth can grow into their proper arrangement within the jaw. This is not the best approach though because in the event that the jaw is still too small, other oral structures will become limited and this may influence things like breathing, causing low-quality rest.

Crowded teeth are also more prone to gum disease and tooth rot.

Non-extraction orthodontics allows patients to hold onto as many of their characteristic teeth as possible in accordance with the circumstances. When the teeth and jaws are able to meet in their correct arrangement, the likelihood of TMJ-related disorders is greatly decreased.

How do non-orthodontics work?

A useful device that is commonly used during non-extraction orthodontics is a retainer. Completely removable, they offer dramatic outcomes without the need for dental medical procedure. This treatment offers little to no distress.

Non-extraction orthodontics can also lead to the less of a need for the patient to wear supports later on.

Simply extracting teeth means that the jaw bones remain unchanged but by extending the dental curve to make space for the total arrangement of teeth, the patient will receive a more extensive and regular smile along with a more appealing facial structure. Non-extraction orthodontics is the ideal solution for patients wishing to accomplish a straighter grin without needing to remove any of their permanent teeth.

The use of functional appliances (retainers) can develop or expand the jaw, creating sufficient space in which the teeth can grow.

Why choose non-extraction orthodontics?

Non-extraction orthodontics offers a great number of positive effects and results that make it the most common choice. These include:

  • A more attractive smile. When the jaws are developed enough to accommodate all of the permanent teeth, the smile is enhanced. It is wide and often more flattering to the face.
  • Less time wearing braces. The longer braces are worn, the greater the chances for cavities or tooth scars. In non-extraction orthodontics, the functional appliance does the majority of the work, reducing the time needed to wear braces.
  • Excellent retention. The development or expansion of jawbones is usually permanent though retainers must be worn regularly and habits that cause improper dental and jaw development will need to be eliminated for the best results.
  • Teeth can be saved. Usually, the four bicuspid teeth are removed before the rest of the teeth are straightened but in non-extraction orthodontics, these teeth remain. Space is instead developed to accommodate the four bicuspids and allow for wisdom teeth to easily erupt.

Non-extraction orthodontics at Lakeview Dental

With children when intervention is initiated at the right time we may only need fixed braces for a short period after the appliance therapy and even in some cases not need them at all. In adults, the appliance therapy will in most cases lead to the placement of fixed braces after the therapy. The treatment, however, is not primarily aimed at the very important aesthetics but at the balanced development of the jaws. We look at improving the position of the jaws, that will have a beneficial effect on the bite, teeth position, jaw joints and airways as well as the smile. The last procedure we want to do is the extraction of teeth as this will result in a still smaller space for the tongue to fit into and have further negative effects on all these areas we seek to improve. This improvement is achieved by reminding the genes by proper stimulation to start the remodelling process. We use the following methods to achieve this:

  • Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance
  • Controlled Arch Orthodontics
  • Myofunctional Exercise Therapy

If you are interested in non-extraction orthodontics, then visit Lake View Dental. We will provide a clinical assessment which will allow for a treatment plan to be made just for you.

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