Personalised Care Is The Best Option For Your Teeth

Personalised Care Is The Best Option For Your Teeth

Lake View Dental in Kawana offers personalised oral hygiene routines for you and your family.

When it comes to oral hygiene there are some universal rules we all follow for clean, healthy teeth. We brush for 2 minutes twice a day, floss and rinse, drink plenty of water and if we’re really on-top of our dental health we visit the dentist twice a year. But sometimes with all the rules followed we still end up with dental problems like cavities, stains and decay.

Much like your teeth, your lifestyle habits are unique to you. A personalised oral health routine is built on the basics of oral hygiene but also considers your individual lifestyle and dental needs. To ensure you’re taking the best possible care of your teeth every day, visit Lake View Dental in Sunshine Coast for a personalised plan of attack against dental issues.

Back to basics

Although many people brush and floss daily, cavities and dental decay are one of the most prevalent issues brought to dentists. This may be because we are using the wrong dental products for our teeth or simply aren’t doing it right.

Brushing and flossing are the keys to a healthy smile

Tooth brushes, dental floss and other dental products differ in their purpose and in how they are used. Choosing the right dental products is just as important as using them regularly.

When choosing dental products it is important to know and understand your dental needs based on the current health of your teeth as well as personal risk factors including eating habits. The best way to understand these needs and risks is through a personalised consultation with your dentist demonstrating how you brush your teeth and floss, as well as giving a basic outline of your daily routine.

A personalised oral hygiene routine will help you and your family choose the best dental products for your unique needs decreasing your risk of dental problems.

Are your favourite foods giving you cavities?

Sugar is not the only food that puts your teeth at risk of cavity-causing bacteria, carbohydrates and starchy food can overtime convert into simple sugars affecting your teeth in the same way.

Although we cannot avoid all food in an effort to improve our dental health we can improve our dental routine. It is also important to be mindful of food types which get caught between our teeth for extended periods of time. Drinking water after every meal is a great addition to your oral health routine to help shift food debris.

A personalised oral hygiene routine is optimised to make sure you take care of your teeth when they are most vulnerable. Consulting your dentists on your typical meal times and meals will allow you to change your dental routine so that it is more effective in the prevention of dental problems and possibly add convenient steps to benefit your teeth and gums.

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Preventing dental problems is much easier and cost-effective than repairing.

To request an appointment from one of our dentists in Sunshine Coast to formulate a personalised dental hygiene routine, please contact us today. Together, we’ll discuss the best products for your teeth, how to brush and floss effectively and how to prevent unnecessary risks to your dental health. We are a family practice open to patients of all ages including your little ones.

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